Sunday, January 24, 2021 02:28


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At redmedia, we “get it.” We know that understanding your business and your goals is essential to success. We know the communications business inside and out. We know the media, the key stakeholders, the tastemakers and how to make them work for you. We understand it’s noisy out there and you need the right message and the right communications plan to cut through the noise. And we know the strategies that will help your public relations, media relations and social media marketing programs generate results right out of the box.

Media Relations

Gone are the days where you send out a press release and then your phone rings.  At redmedia, we combine “traditional” public relations activities with innovative social media marketing techniques to help your brand get the most out of your PR program.

It’s usually a mix of the two that gets the best outcome.  But just as we won’t counsel you to do a press release for the sake of having one, we won’t push social media on your business if it isn’t the right fit.

At redmedia, we do things that make sense and make your brand successful, not just for the sake of doing them.

Our media relations team knows what it takes to get it done and done right.  We have the relationships and we talk to those key reporters all the time, not just when we have a story to pitch.  We engage stakeholders and tastemakers online daily, not just when we want them to engage with our clients.  We want to build relationships on your behalf, so when you do have news, its presented in the right way.


At redmedia we know events.  We have designed and executed all types of events, from intimate cocktail gatherings, to movie premieres to a 600+ person press conference production on an international stage.   A successful event lives in the details and at RED we pay attention to every single one.  Sometimes it’s the tiniest detail that can throw off an event or leave a poor impression with a stakeholder, so we make sure to build a successful event from the ground up.  No detail is left to chance.

We have worked with some legendary event teams and will build the right team for your business and your budget.  Our creative team looks at how to make the most of your budget to create maximum impact for your brand and stakeholders.  It’s a huge advantage we have over a traditional agency, because we are able to customize a team of the best skill sets based on your needs.


It’s all about creativity.  We relish the opportunity to brainstorm a brand campaign that lets you achieve your goals.  There is something exhilarating about developing a strategy and the means to execute it from start to finish that combines the best of what’s out there.  From helping you design your Web page, to creating a social media strategy, to putting your brand in front of the right audiences – these are all areas that we excel at here at redmedia.