Sunday, November 29, 2020 08:12

CE Week – All about Women

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This week we attended CE Week in New York City – a week filled with new products and announcements in the Consumer Electronics world.  It is held almost exactly at the halfway point to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the largest CE show held in Las Vegas in January.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the speakers, events and product introductions going on.  I carved out time to attend a panel hosted by Techlicious, a leading CE site tailored toward women.  

The panel featured some great speakers including Kristin Chase from Cool Moms, Andrea Smith and Holly Pavlika of MOMentum Nation.  As a women who has worked in the CE industry for 10 years, I have long known that women consumers are not only interested in CE, but they are savvy and make up a considerable part of the decision making process. However, sometimes it is not always that easy to convey to clients so it was enlightening to not only hear these ladies perspective but also to walk away with some great stats for infographics.  A few that stood out the most:

  • 40 million women are registered on Twitter and 62% of women share on Facebook regularly via @HollyPavlika
  • Women emphasize on quality and ease of use than men.
  • The majortiy of women using social media are working moms
  • Social Networks help with FOMA ( Fear of Missing Out) for busy women via @HollyPavlika
  • Women emphasize more on quality and ease of use than men do
  • According to research, men are better at building social networks than women, yet women tend to dominate social networks, except for Google+.
  • For brands looking to work with blogger. “Don’t ask bloggers to spit back your message in your marketing language. It cheapens your brand and the blogger’s”

The best part of the day was having the opportunity to interact with all the bloggers in attendance and learn more about their blogs.  Now I have many more I want to read – so many blogs so little time.

Do your thing and do it well ~ Lindsay

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