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Building Awareness – One Story At a Time

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I find myself bookmarking links I find on Twitter and in forums of things I want to read. There are so many good articles sometimes I find it overwhelming what to read when.  Recently I came across a LinkedIn post on Four Steps to Build Brand Awareness Through Storytelling by Jonah Sachs (@Jonahsachs).  Sachs is the CEO of Free Range Studios ( and author of the book Winning the Story Wars. It was a busy day so I printed it out with good intentions to read it later that day.  Here we are a month later and I am just getting around to it, but I am so glad I did and you will be too -assuming of course you haven’t already read it!

First off, it is a great post, well written and easy to read – to me that is important.  I have limited time, so post like this one that give you the information and serve it up in a way that is easy to digest and retain is very helpful.

Sachs gives 4 concrete steps to help you and your brand become effective at storytelling.  One of the things he points out which hits home is to identify your hero.  The customer needs to be the hero of the story.  It needs to be about the customer and their experience.  Great brands like Dove and Nike do this brilliantly.  I can still remember when Nike came out with ‘Just Do it’ as their slogan – I was on the high school track team, my mom got me a shirt and I swear I worked harder and ran faster.  Just as Sachs points out I was the hero.

Read his entire post here:

Because who wouldn’t want to be communicated to in a way that is powerful, engaging and at the same time informative.   Good stories do just that.

Next on my reading list is his book, Winning the Story Wars – future post to come on that one.

Do your thing and do it well ~ Brian

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