Sunday, November 29, 2020 08:15

Deep Thoughts

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I had the pleasure of attending the first SoloPR conference this week in Atlanta and meeting many talented minds – many that were like RED – had started solo with a dream and grown into something much more.

The day kicked off with a great presentation with from Amanda Littlejohn (@amandamogul) and Mel Miller (@marketingmel) about powerful personal branding.  Everyone of us, whether you own a company or not, is a BRAND.  Look at politicians; the ones who succeed are the ones who invested the time in building a reputation, most before they ran for their first office.  It was a engaging presentation, but honestly I sat in my seat thinking I don’t have time to blog, I don’t have time for speaking engagements, etc. our clients NEED my full attention.

As the day progressed, it dawned on me that I am doing our clients a disservice by not investing the time to build our brand, because the more people we connect with whether it be a blog, a tweet or a conference – the more people we are able to share with the great things some of our clients are doing.

And honestly if we, or specifically I, am not willing to invest in building the REDMEDIA brand, why should I expect our clients to put their trust in us to build their brands.  We do blogs, social media and wonderful things to build their brands everyday and if I do say so myself, we are damn good at it –  so   why wouldn’t we do it for ourselves.  So I chatted with the team and we are making the commitment to blog more often. I named it Deep Thoughts, because whenever I need a laugh I go back to the Jack Handy SNL skit, it comes with the disclaimer – our thoughts may not always be so “deep”.  Maybe you won’t love everything we have to say, but that’s ok because I can guarantee at least at some point we will share something you didn’t know and will find valuable.

So many thanks to these two fabulous ladies for the inspiration and to Jeremy Porter (@journalistics) for the kick in the pants.  Jeremy has a great blog and he has 4 kids, so if he can find the time to invest in his personal brand, than the rest of us have no excuse not to.

What are you doing to build YOUR personal brand?  Get out there, let people know who you are and what you are about.  As my Twitter friend Jenny Schmidt (@cloudspark) said “There is no shame in admitting you know your craft and are good at it.”  Get out there and SHOUT it out.

Do your thing and do it well ~ Lindsay

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